Ooblock Athletic Tape 3 Roll Tube*

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Ooblock Athletic Tape 3 Roll Tube*


Ooblock™ is the next generation of athletic tape

  • Delivers 2X the shock protection and 10X the force protection
  • Can prevent injuries and reduce the severity of injuries that do occur
  • Provides extra protection for more reliable and faster injury rehab
  • Lasts longer and stays stronger than traditional athletic tape

3 Rolls

2” x 10 yards (30’) each

Price: $19.95

*Discounts are available for bulk ordering and groups with professional affiliations, contact us for pricing


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Ooblock™ is bonded with patented Shear Thickening Fluid (STF™) used in next-generation military body armor.

At rest, STF™ nano-particles float freely, remaining flexible. But with force—like sudden twists or impacts—STF™ nano-particles lock together in hydroclusters, forming a stiff molecular wall that disperses kinetic energy and braces the impact zone.

This two-way transition happens within a millisecond—so no flexibility is lost, but the protection is always there. Ooblock™ isn’t bullet proof—but it might feel like you are.